Marie Curie
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María Olmedo


Research positions

  • (From July 2016) Ramón y Cajal Researcher. University of Seville. Seville, Spain.
  • Department of Genetics
  • “Genetic and environmental control of biological timing in C. elegans
  • (2014-2016) Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow. University Pablo de Olavide. Seville, Spain.
  • Andalusian Center for Developmental Biology (Dr. M. Artal-Sanz)
  • “Circadian timing of metabolism in C. elegans
  • (2012-2014) Postdoctoral researcher. Ludwig-Maximilians University. Munich, Germany.
  • Department of Chronobiology, Institute of Medical Psychology (Prof. M. Merrow)
  • “The circadian clock in Caenorhabditis elegans”
  • (2008-2012) Postdoctoral researcher. University of Groningen. Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • Department of Chronobiology, Centre for Behavioural Neurosciences (Prof. M. Merrow)
  • “New components of the molecular clock network of Neurospora crassa”“The circadian clock in Caenorhabditis elegans
  • (2001-2008) PhD Student. University of Seville. Seville, Spain.
  • Department of Genetics (Prof. L.M. Corrochano)
  • “Regulation by light of gene expression in Neurospora crassa


Circadian rhythms and development

  • A high-throughput method for the analysis of larval developmental phenotypes in Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Olmedo M§, M Geibel, M Artal-Sanz and M Merrow§ (§ Corresponding authors). 
  • Genetics, 2015 201: 443-448
  • Using circadian entrainment to find cryptic clocks.
  • Eelderink-Chen Z, M Olmedo, J Bosman and M Merrow. 
  • Methods in Enzimology, 2015, 551:73-93 
  • Circadian regulation of olfaction and an evolutionarily conserved, nontranscriptional marker in Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Olmedo M§, JS O’Neill, RS Edgar, UK Valekunja, AB Reddy and M Merrow§ (§ Corresponding authors). 
  • PNAS, 2012, 109: 20479-84
  • Peroxiredoxins are conserved markers of circadian rhythms.
  • Edgar RS*, EW Green*, Y Zhao*, G van Ooijen*, M Olmedo*, X Qin, Y Xu, M Pan, UK Valekunja, KA Feeney, ES Maywood, MH Hastings, NS Baliga, M Merrow, AJ Millar, CH Johnson, CP Kyriacou, JS O’Neill and AB Reddy (* Equal contribution). 
  • Nature, 2012, 485: 459-64

Regulation of gene expression by light

  •  Expansion of signal transduction pathways in fungi by extensive genome duplication.
  • Corrochano et al.
  • Current Biology, 2016, 26: 1577-1584       
  • Regulation of transcription by light in Neurospora crassa: A model for fungal photobiology?
  • Olmedo M§, C Ruger-Herreros, EM Luque and LM Corrochano (§ Corresponding author). 
  • Fungal Biology Reviews, 2013, 27:10-18
  • A relationship between carotenoid accumulation and the distribution of species of the fungus Neurospora in Spain.
  • Luque EM, G Gutiérrez, L Navarro-Sampedro, M Olmedo, J Rodríguez-Romero, C Ruger-Herreros, VG Tagua and LM Corrochano.
  • PLOS One, 2012, 7: e33658
  • Regulation of conidiation by light in Aspergillus nidulans.
  • Ruger-Herreros C, J Rodríguez-Romero, R Fernández-Barranco, M Olmedo, R Fischer, LM Corrochano and D Cánovas. 
  • Genetics, 2011, 188: 809-22
  • A role in the regulation of transcription by light for RCO-1 and RCM-1, the Neurospora homologs of the yeast Tup1- Ssn6 repressor.
  • Olmedo M, L Navarro-Sampedro, C Ruger-Herreros, SR Kim, BK Jeong, BU Lee, and LM Corrochano.
  • Fungal Genetics and Biology, 2010, 47: 939-52 
  • A complex photoreceptor system mediates the regulation by light of the conidiation genes con-10 and con-6 in Neurospora crassa.
  • Olmedo M, C Ruger-Herreros, EM Luque-Fobelo and LM Corrochano. 
  • Fungal Genetics and Biology, 2010, 47: 352-63
  • Regulation by blue light of the fluffy gene encoding a major regulator of conidiation in Neurospora crassa.
  • Olmedo M, C Ruger-Herreros and LM Corrochano. 
  • Genetics, 2010, 184: 651-8
  • New Findings of Neurospora in Europe and Comparisons of Diversity in Temperate Climates on Continental Scales.
  • Jacobson DJ, JR Dettman, RI Adams, C Boesl, S Sultana, T Roenneberg, M Merrow, M Duarte, I Marques, A Ushakova, P Carneiro, A Videira, L Navarro-Sampedro, M Olmedo, LM Corrochano and JW Taylor. 
  • Mycologia, 2004, 98: 550-9